Sunday, August 23, 2009

3 girls, 5 games, 6 days

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Only 19 days. I can do this. Slow work days aren't helping though. I was going to save this for a blog that I can write at work but maybe it'll reverse the bad business mojo if I have nothing else to do.

Kelsey, Ciara, and I are driving 1700+ miles (per mapquest) and according to Ciara it's going to be EPIC. I have to agree with that. Originally it was me and Ciara trying to convince Kels that she had to go with but in a strange turn of events, it was Kels idea to tack Columbus onto the end... and here I thought I wouldn't see anywhere new this year! Lord only knows what will happen on this trip. It seems that trouble and awkward situations follow us where ever we go and thus the reason I'm banning pre-game walks, after game tired and tipsy walks however, are allowed. I'd like to tag this as the craziest trip we've ever taken but until it starts, that honor still belongs to last years last minute to and from Philly in 3 days trip. We should have licked the liberty bell.
Anyway, our trip.
Saturday: Our journey will start at a home game against Chicago the day after Christmas. Ciara's flying in, here's hoping she's our good luck charm again. :-)
Sunday: The next morning we're getting up and making the trek through the longest state in the nation to watch the Preds take on Chicago from the very top of the United Center.
Monday: Spending the morning (probably hungover) at Navy Pier and then making the short drive up to my favorite place, Wisconsin, to see the Admirals take on the baby Wings.
Tuesday: More hungover driving down to the land of the Bluesers. Puck drops at 7pm. Lower bowl seats. Squee!
Wednesday: Going to the top of the arch and then driving across 4 states to Columbus to (presumably) chill out and have nothing planned. (what's there to do in CLB?)
Thursday: Ring in the New Year with the Preds playing the Blow Jackets... I'm sure we'll find something to do that night.
Friday: The long drive home.

Tickets have been purchased for 2 of the games and I sent funny Ohio flair... no turning back now! Once the season starts, I need to push this trip out of my mind. I really don't want to wish this season away and I don't plan on doing that. Not having much to do has made me super excited when thinking about it. 19 days... just 19 more days. Thank goodness August is almost over, then I'll have other things to occupy my attention.


  1. Ohio flair huh? I have to agree with Ciara, your trip has epic written all over it :) I was excited to hear you're coming to Columbus! Of course then I remembered it's Columbus and there's nothing really exciting about it, lol. I'll ask Brittany what there is to do, she spends a lot more time there than me. All I know is that The R Bar Arena on Front St. is our hockey bar. There will be all kinds of stuff going on downtown on Thursday for First Night Columbus, which is our New Year's celebration. They have a website, but haven't posted anything about this year yet. Hey, if it turns out I can make it to the game I'll look you guys up!

  2. OK, Britt says First Night is lame. There's not anything to do during the day except go to the movies, shoot pool, or bowl. As far as nightlife goes she recommends the Arlington entertainment complex's two bars, Onyx and Arlington Cafe and Billiards. Onyx is a dance club and the Cafe is a sports bar with billiards (obviously), air hockey, foosball, etc. As a bonus, no one is going to mug you in Upper Arlington. If you want to stay downtown she says The Garage Bar is cool and has pretty cheap drinks.

  3. Thanks for the tips! I hope you're able to make it to the game. We've never been to a Columbus' arena. In fact, I've never been to Ohio.

    That's the one state my brother had been to that I hadn't, he's told me probably 10 times I'm not allowed to go. It's been our long running joke... I've been to Canada, yeah, but I've been to Ohio. lol

  4. Columbus doesn't have a lot going on, but you'll like Nationwide. It's really nice. Except for that stupid cannon. It scared the hell out me the first time I heard it. Hopefully, there's no need to set it off during that game though!

    Looks like your brother is going to have to get himself to Canada now, lol.