Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Can we get some new sheets???

Because the Preds totally shit the bed last night and I got a great view of it from 3 rows back. That's the last time I pay extra to be close to the action at home.

What's done is done, we'll move on, hopefully to bounce back to the hard working, winning Predators against Detroit tomorrow.

In 2 weeks, I'll be in Columbus. :) Pretty excited since I didn't think a trip would be possible with buying the house but it's cheap enough and it should be a good time.

Anyways, I've been inspired by one of Aubrey's old meme's she used to do (not any of them specifically, just in the spirit). Don't ask what I've been smoking, I'm bored and currently have access to YouTube and decided to blog... whether it makes since or not.... So... My sister has recently moved in with me and has started going to games as my seat mate. The music we listen to together is far different than what we listen to separately (I'm a little country, she's a little punk), and I wanted to share some of our "get pumped for games music" that aren't your typical "Enter Sandman" or "Ladies and Gentleman". We're 80's babies that grew up on boy bands, Britney Spears, and very inappropriate rap music, we like what we like.

and if you take lyrics from each of them, I kind of envision a locker room speech scene similar to the one from Miracle...

"Tonight we're going hard, just like the world is ours, because we're stronger than yesterday and now it's nothing but our way... and if you don't believe you don't succeed and if you don't apply, you won't achieve and we're gonna shine..we're gonna make it, ain't nothing to it, we'll take it because on a 1-10, we're a certified 20. So raise your glass if you are wrong in all the right ways, all my underdogs, we will never be anything but loud and nitty gritty. So let's say a prayer, and let the good times roll"

... or maybe it's more like Space Jam or High School Musical...

Our top 6 songs, couldn't chose just 5 like I wanted to. :)

1. "Stronger"- Britney Spears

2. "Yeah!"- Usher

3. "Thnks Fr Th Mmrs"- Fall Out Boy

4. "I'mma Shine"- YoungBloodz

5. "We R Who We R"- Ke$ha

6. "Raise Your Glass"- P!nk

Monday, November 29, 2010

and I just keep going back for more...

Let's set the scene: I wake up really excited because it's game day. I take a shower, spend more time on my hair than I should, put on make up, go back and forth on what jersey/shirt/pants/shoes combination I should wear. I grab the (to this point) lucky hockey silly bands. Get in the car, jam to the lucky cd, and drive to my forever always happy place. I sit and watch warm ups, hopeful that it will end up being one of those games to remember. Wilson steals the puck away and beats Lundqvist, the crowd goes insane... Tootoo uses Avery as a human punching bag and again, the crowd goes wild. By the end of the first period, I'm a happy girl. Pins and needles and freaking out for the next 37 minutes and then the Preds give us a big old "Syke!", "We fooled you!" and we lose in a shoot out. I disappointingly drag myself downstairs to the after show and half ass clap for Belak while Willy and Tom seem far less upset than they should be and then freeze my ass off walking back over the bridge to my free parking.

That's been more or less every other game with a few changes like who scores or fights. I get so irritated and frustrated with this team but then I turn around and get excited for the next game. I'm so tired of being let down but would rather be let down than not have a team.

It also really sucks that we are selling out games and have started this season with a really good shot at having really good attendance all year but have to deal with stinkers on the ice.

I was/am so hopeful that this team was going to be a force and I think with all the parts working, we still are but injuries have just killed us this year. Not that that's any excuse but when Suter and Legwand and Goc were all still healthy, this team looked pretty damn good.

I'm not ready to give up on the season just yet but we have got to get something going and soon if we're going to have a shot. Suter and Weber need to return to form and I want to see the Erat that earned his outlandish contract on that ice. Trotz needs to let off of Dumont and just let him play and Sully needs to start scoring again. When everything is perfect, we're unstoppable, time to get perfect guys.

Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Can I haz Studs back plz???? >:(

If you didn't know, the first word that pops up when you type "Suter" on T-9 is "Studs"... highly appropriate.

I've been left alone at work and haven't blogged since the season started and it's not much but while I'm sitting here all lonely, looking outside to the gray cold sky that I consider the perfect day, I figured I'd rant about him being out)

Sooo... according to the fishwrap, Suter will miss another week of games by not making the western coast trip with the team. *sob* I wish they would come out and say what's wrong so I'd stop getting my hopes up that he'll return sooner than later but I completely understand their reasoning. I mean, I'd probably go crazy fangirl on someone if they took a run at whatever was specifically wrong with him. I'm also not wanting him to rush back and try to play when he's not 100% but I REALLY wish he'd get better soon. Work has been frustrating and we play better with him and when we play better, we have a better shot at winning, and when we win, I forget about how crappy things have been.

Mr. Lombardi, the new boy that I love that has only played 3 games for us, is also still hurt. :'''( I'm more worried about him than Sutes. He's not doing anything, he's pretty much on bed rest, which is making me crazy nervous because you don't play around with concussions. At this point, I just want him to eventually be back to normal.

BTW, Cory Sarich, F YOU! Dirty hit or not, you proved during that game that you're a dirty player.

A: Someone who elbows people in the face.
Q: Who is Cory Sarich?

Sunday, September 19, 2010

Because I have to...

I went to training camp on Satuday and then again for the scrimmage today, I'm not going to give opinions on anything because honestly I spent the majority of the time catching up with friends and just being glad that I was surrounded by my happy for the first time since April. The only moment that may be of interest was when a lady came up to me to say "Go Badgers" since I was wearing my Wisconsin hoodie... I later found out that it was Geoffion's mom. Pretty cool, glad I didn't say the only reasons for owning it were Suter and her son...

Anyways, I wouldn't be a good fangirl if I didn't post about Suter being named one of the alternates this year. I'm mega excited about this and will be very proudly selling Italian ice at the next couple of MTSU games to afford personalizing my blank third jersey, complete with the "A". I found out in passing so no happy dance or *squee* happened but we are turning our chocolate chip bar cookies into a celebration "cake" complete with a giant "A" on the top with icing. :-)

The long evil summer is almost over and hopefully work will become more bearable for everyone since the days aren't separated by endless weeks of no hockey.

Next Saturday, me and my little sister are taking our Predators lawn gnome on a "staycation" in Nashville. I'll post the pictures Sunday, it's going to be a blast. The main mission is to make it look like he's standing on top of the batman building, if not, we've still got tons of other locations he's going to go see.

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

I NEED HOCKEY!!!! fiasodjathafjadtjalgj

Yeah, that's me at the moment. My Preds fan recruit/work bff abandoned me and now I'm stuck with people who not only don't know hockey but for some reason think it's stupid. Excuse me while I respond, "you, work people, are stupid". Especially since the only sport they know is NASCAR, which I won't knock because my Ryan Suter of racing is Kasey Kahne and I love everything about him, but come on. Really? Hockey is a bagillion times better than NASCAR if you compare the two which should be a crime punishable by public slapshot.

Anyways, not that that's of any real importance but I desperately need hockey season to start back again.

I need to yell at people. Honest to goodness, make sure no kids are around before ripping someone like Nash or Kunitz or Hossa a new one, yelling. Yelling for no other reason but because you hate someones face or because you feel that that name goes with that insult. Yeah, yeah, I'm probably the only one to have ever yelled for Getzlaf to fix his face or that Armstrong is nothing without Crosby (I actually felt bad for that one after the fact) but it needed to be yelled. I soooo can't wait for another 41+ games to get even more creative.

I need that sudden euphoria of us scoring a goal, which, I must say, there's not anything that I equate a hockey goal to in sports. It's so fast and unexpected and there are times when you don't even know that you've scored until you see some bright eyed kid freaking out around the net ( ♥ Hornqvist) and then the crowd goes crazy and you hug or high five the people around you because they're your hockey family. I sing "I Like It, I Love It", Preds' style every time I sing it but having the whole barn chant it... there's nothing like it.

I need the fights. The "kick his ass!", bloodied nose, jersey's ripped to shreds, fights. The only reason that I willingly unleash my inner redneck is for a hockey fight and it doesn't matter if you're watching a game in good ole' Tennessee or Toronto, everyone lets out a little redneck when a fight breaks out. Don't even pretend you don't.

I need friend time at the glass before each game. I need the walks back to the car after it's over. I need reasons to go downtown or to haul ass after work to catch a Blackstone hockey night. I need there to be something on tv worth watching even if your team isn't playing that night (hello, NHL network/Versus).

I need all of it. I wish I only wanted it at this point but I'm losing it. Last week, I made a paper chain countdown to Opening Night (capitalized because it should be a holiday) and I'm probably making a calendar tonight of all the games. I've watched old recorded to dvd games repeatedly and I more or less refresh hfboards or the Predators site looking for news on us signing Horny or Franson.

September 18th can't come soon enough!

(I am also well aware of the complete and total run-on sentences this contains.)

Sunday, July 11, 2010

Fret not you 7ish people who read this...

Yet again, I have not died, I am buying a house though and that stress has eaten up all of my time to blog. I did promise myself that I was going to take a break from all of it to go to the Skate of the Union and rookie camp this weekend.

Random thoughts on what the Preds have done this off season.

  • Austin Watson. American born forward. You had brownie points before you were even named ours. I'm really excited about Poile drafing these big bodied forwards recently.
  • Beef has been re-signed. This guy embodies Preds hockey. Love that he's back.
  • MATT LOMBARDI IS A PRED!!! So, if you didn't know, I have LOVED Mr. Lombardi since I started watching hockey. He was my first "non-Pred" favorite and just knew there was no way he'd be one of my boys. ever. but Poile is a giant rockstar and proved me wrong. Welcome to Smashville, Matt. :-)
  • We signed S. Kostitsyn. (I somehow managed to spell that correctly before checking myself. Yay me!) I'm really excited about this. Yes, he's a primadona that, after last season, needs to get himself in check, BUT he's cheap enough that if he pulls that stunt with us, we can bench his arse. Hopefully everything will be butterflies and rainbows surrounding him and it'll be a magical thing watching him score. Lots.
  • Weber is captain. Meh. I'll leave it at that. I'll probably be blasted otherwise since it's very clear I'm in the minority.

Anyways, rookie camp is ending today with a scrimmage. I only got to go to yesterdays session but I have 2 observations. Ryan Ellis, as short as he is, is going to be awesome. He's hungry for it and he's good. Geoffrion is my newest favorite outside of the obvious favorite. I have followed hockey career since I got hooked and just love his story. He is also one of the nicest, humbled, grateful players I've met. Can't wait for him to make the big time so I can get that #5 jersey.

On a bitter note, Dan Hamhuis can suck it... and that's me being nice and not using the 4 letter words I let off when I heard his jab at Nashville. I hope the Canadian media is brutal when he turns over the puck the elventy billion times he's going to do it. And to think I wanted us to keep him.

Monday, May 31, 2010

I bleed blue!

Like for realz. I got a tattoo over the weekend and its blue and awesome and allowed me to bleed blue for a day or so. Exciting! I'm a rebel, I know.

Every team I have publicly supported these playoffs has failed, therefore, I'm not stating which team I want to win. *coughdiehossadiecough* Nope. Sure won't.

I've been looking up Pred stuff on ebay. I don't have the money for it and I really don't need it, but it passes the time.... unfortunately I don't have the self control to not buy cards that are less than a $1.00. You all know whose cards I'm buying too. I will frame them and hang them as my living room art. That's the only way I can really justify what I'm doing. Did you know that they made a Suter/Chelios card? It's awesome and a couple of bffs bought it for me for my birthday. Really wish they would make a set of Team USA cards from this past Olympics. I'd buy that up in a heartbeat.

Not much is going on in Pred land. We've signed some draft picks to ELCs but have yet to do anything about signing Horny or Fruit Cup or Beef or Hammersuxtradehim. Having even one under contract right now would be comforting but then I remember that it was mid-June before Suter signed his and even later with Weber the year they were both RFAs.

Also, *news flash*, totally meeting Tim McGraw and totally getting him to sign a Predators puck.