Sunday, July 11, 2010

Fret not you 7ish people who read this...

Yet again, I have not died, I am buying a house though and that stress has eaten up all of my time to blog. I did promise myself that I was going to take a break from all of it to go to the Skate of the Union and rookie camp this weekend.

Random thoughts on what the Preds have done this off season.

  • Austin Watson. American born forward. You had brownie points before you were even named ours. I'm really excited about Poile drafing these big bodied forwards recently.
  • Beef has been re-signed. This guy embodies Preds hockey. Love that he's back.
  • MATT LOMBARDI IS A PRED!!! So, if you didn't know, I have LOVED Mr. Lombardi since I started watching hockey. He was my first "non-Pred" favorite and just knew there was no way he'd be one of my boys. ever. but Poile is a giant rockstar and proved me wrong. Welcome to Smashville, Matt. :-)
  • We signed S. Kostitsyn. (I somehow managed to spell that correctly before checking myself. Yay me!) I'm really excited about this. Yes, he's a primadona that, after last season, needs to get himself in check, BUT he's cheap enough that if he pulls that stunt with us, we can bench his arse. Hopefully everything will be butterflies and rainbows surrounding him and it'll be a magical thing watching him score. Lots.
  • Weber is captain. Meh. I'll leave it at that. I'll probably be blasted otherwise since it's very clear I'm in the minority.

Anyways, rookie camp is ending today with a scrimmage. I only got to go to yesterdays session but I have 2 observations. Ryan Ellis, as short as he is, is going to be awesome. He's hungry for it and he's good. Geoffrion is my newest favorite outside of the obvious favorite. I have followed hockey career since I got hooked and just love his story. He is also one of the nicest, humbled, grateful players I've met. Can't wait for him to make the big time so I can get that #5 jersey.

On a bitter note, Dan Hamhuis can suck it... and that's me being nice and not using the 4 letter words I let off when I heard his jab at Nashville. I hope the Canadian media is brutal when he turns over the puck the elventy billion times he's going to do it. And to think I wanted us to keep him.


  1. You must have more than seven readers since the nation of China is leaving comments.

  2. Congrats on your house! That is hugely exciting news!

    I have to confess I didn't know much about Lombardi before the Preds signed him, but after about three minutes on YouTube? Wow!

    I dearly hope the change of scenery will help Kostitsyn. I'm really afraid that Montreal's ruined him though.

    P.S. If you feel like elaborating, I'm interested to know why you're not crazy about Weber being the new captain.

  3. My family might be the only people on the planet to not like him. I don't have any specific reasons, I just don't.

  4. Truth be told, I was rooting for Suter. With the "C" pinned on Weber's jersey, I'm sure it comes with an attached bonus salary expectancy when it's time to re-sign him.

  5. Aubrey: To clearify, I'm not against him getting it. I had other people I wanted to get it as well as people who I thought would be better suited like Sully or Suter. I'm sure he'll do a fine job but the other two are better speakers and seem to keep their emotions in check a little better.

    and thanks about the house! I have a Wisconsin Badgers shower curtain that I can't wait to hang up! What's better is I bought it here on clearance at a Walmart for $3! :)

  6. That makes perfect sense to be concerned about having a well spoken and/or even tempered captain. (And I might wonder that someone had stolen your identity if you hadn't said you would rather have Suter captainized ;)

  7. I'm that girl, it's quite known but I have/had very good (not because he's pretty) arguments on why he would have been a great (and imo better) captain. lol

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  9. Here's reader #8.
    I'm with you on Dan Hamhuis; I never understood why the Canadian media made him out to be so much better than he is.

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