Monday, May 31, 2010

I bleed blue!

Like for realz. I got a tattoo over the weekend and its blue and awesome and allowed me to bleed blue for a day or so. Exciting! I'm a rebel, I know.

Every team I have publicly supported these playoffs has failed, therefore, I'm not stating which team I want to win. *coughdiehossadiecough* Nope. Sure won't.

I've been looking up Pred stuff on ebay. I don't have the money for it and I really don't need it, but it passes the time.... unfortunately I don't have the self control to not buy cards that are less than a $1.00. You all know whose cards I'm buying too. I will frame them and hang them as my living room art. That's the only way I can really justify what I'm doing. Did you know that they made a Suter/Chelios card? It's awesome and a couple of bffs bought it for me for my birthday. Really wish they would make a set of Team USA cards from this past Olympics. I'd buy that up in a heartbeat.

Not much is going on in Pred land. We've signed some draft picks to ELCs but have yet to do anything about signing Horny or Fruit Cup or Beef or Hammersuxtradehim. Having even one under contract right now would be comforting but then I remember that it was mid-June before Suter signed his and even later with Weber the year they were both RFAs.

Also, *news flash*, totally meeting Tim McGraw and totally getting him to sign a Predators puck.


  1. Wow. I can't decide what I'm more jealous about, that you have the cojones to get a tattoo (when I nearly pass out thinking about needles) or the fact that you are an interior design genius. Hockey cards as art is a brilliant idea! (And way cheaper than actual art.)

    P.S. They don't have individual players for hockey, but have you seen the NHL team purses at Little Earth? (

  2. I don't know where those cojones came from. I'm terrified of needles but somehow went through with it. I was soooo nervous but am now totally stoked over my little blue star. :-)

    Oh and who ever thought it was a good idea to put together a whole set of Suter hockey cards should have made the "Buy it Now" price a little higher, I would have still probably bought it.

    Hockey cards and postcards are going to be my art.

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