Thursday, April 29, 2010

Hossa is a douchecanoe.

Me not posting has had nothing to do with my silly superstitions. The week after the Olympics, I tripped over my computer cord at home and ripped it out of the wall causing all the prongs to bend and the fat one at the bottom to split in half. I could probably afford another one but I'm attempting to wing myself from my internet addiction. Add this lack of time on the web at home to actually having enough work to work at work and that leaves very few minutes to goof off.

My boys lost. I cried in front of my roommate, who I think was genuinely concerned when he left me sitting in my seat alone. Not sad that we lost but that another season has come and gone. 5 months without sitting in my seat with my hockey family. 5 months without my happiest of happy places. 5 months of no real excuses to drive to my city multiple times a week. We've got the draft and rookie camp and free agency to look forward to. Then the schedule where I can determine if driving to Buffalo is doable or not and finally training camp. How I love training camp.

I have a new hatred for Chicago, in fact, I'm cheering for the slimeball Canucks in that series.. or maybe for the roof to cave in... that would be nice. Hossa is "Ass Oh" spelled backwards. Maybe his name should be Elohssa, that makes since to me. I hate him and hope that he's cursed the Blackhawks for however many years they signed him to. Can't believe I'm typing this but I would love a Sharks vs Bruins final. I hate the Sharks but to be fair, I hate everyone out of the west that's left and Jed and Scooter are Sharks and I can't hate them.

I'll probably half follow the rest of the playoffs. I watched the Washington Faliures last night and while I enjoyed seeing them lose (that's for you Mike Green), I wasn't as in to it as I usually would be. I think I'm still jaded by our loss.

Anyway, for the few people that actually read this, I'll be around. Go Preds!