Wednesday, August 11, 2010

I NEED HOCKEY!!!! fiasodjathafjadtjalgj

Yeah, that's me at the moment. My Preds fan recruit/work bff abandoned me and now I'm stuck with people who not only don't know hockey but for some reason think it's stupid. Excuse me while I respond, "you, work people, are stupid". Especially since the only sport they know is NASCAR, which I won't knock because my Ryan Suter of racing is Kasey Kahne and I love everything about him, but come on. Really? Hockey is a bagillion times better than NASCAR if you compare the two which should be a crime punishable by public slapshot.

Anyways, not that that's of any real importance but I desperately need hockey season to start back again.

I need to yell at people. Honest to goodness, make sure no kids are around before ripping someone like Nash or Kunitz or Hossa a new one, yelling. Yelling for no other reason but because you hate someones face or because you feel that that name goes with that insult. Yeah, yeah, I'm probably the only one to have ever yelled for Getzlaf to fix his face or that Armstrong is nothing without Crosby (I actually felt bad for that one after the fact) but it needed to be yelled. I soooo can't wait for another 41+ games to get even more creative.

I need that sudden euphoria of us scoring a goal, which, I must say, there's not anything that I equate a hockey goal to in sports. It's so fast and unexpected and there are times when you don't even know that you've scored until you see some bright eyed kid freaking out around the net ( ♥ Hornqvist) and then the crowd goes crazy and you hug or high five the people around you because they're your hockey family. I sing "I Like It, I Love It", Preds' style every time I sing it but having the whole barn chant it... there's nothing like it.

I need the fights. The "kick his ass!", bloodied nose, jersey's ripped to shreds, fights. The only reason that I willingly unleash my inner redneck is for a hockey fight and it doesn't matter if you're watching a game in good ole' Tennessee or Toronto, everyone lets out a little redneck when a fight breaks out. Don't even pretend you don't.

I need friend time at the glass before each game. I need the walks back to the car after it's over. I need reasons to go downtown or to haul ass after work to catch a Blackstone hockey night. I need there to be something on tv worth watching even if your team isn't playing that night (hello, NHL network/Versus).

I need all of it. I wish I only wanted it at this point but I'm losing it. Last week, I made a paper chain countdown to Opening Night (capitalized because it should be a holiday) and I'm probably making a calendar tonight of all the games. I've watched old recorded to dvd games repeatedly and I more or less refresh hfboards or the Predators site looking for news on us signing Horny or Franson.

September 18th can't come soon enough!

(I am also well aware of the complete and total run-on sentences this contains.)


  1. I agree! I know I get a little red when a good fight breaks out!!

  2. There is no other emotional pressure relief valve quite like hockey. All the things considered inappropriate to shout at our bosses, coworkers, or the lady with in the express lane with forty items are perfectly acceptable to yell at say, the Red Wings. Hockey keeps us (or at least me) from killing people in our every day lives.

    I want a paper chain countdown thingy! That's awesome :)

  3. I was planning on putting a picture of the paper chain on here but my "new" phone is so old it won't email a picture. It's awesome though, I used the Preds colors and for special days like training camp and 1 day left and days 20, 15, and 27 are all pretty, glittery paper. No judgement.

    (my good, updated phone broke, no $ for replacement at the moment, dug old phone out of closet and am stuck with a clunky flip phone with cruddy graphics and does nothing except keep my bill down b/c I can't get on the web)

  4. You explain the euphoria from a goal perfectly! Thats what I look forward to most

  5. I feel your pain. There is just not enough hockey news (if I have to hear about Kovalchuk one more time I'm gunna snap!).