Sunday, September 19, 2010

Because I have to...

I went to training camp on Satuday and then again for the scrimmage today, I'm not going to give opinions on anything because honestly I spent the majority of the time catching up with friends and just being glad that I was surrounded by my happy for the first time since April. The only moment that may be of interest was when a lady came up to me to say "Go Badgers" since I was wearing my Wisconsin hoodie... I later found out that it was Geoffion's mom. Pretty cool, glad I didn't say the only reasons for owning it were Suter and her son...

Anyways, I wouldn't be a good fangirl if I didn't post about Suter being named one of the alternates this year. I'm mega excited about this and will be very proudly selling Italian ice at the next couple of MTSU games to afford personalizing my blank third jersey, complete with the "A". I found out in passing so no happy dance or *squee* happened but we are turning our chocolate chip bar cookies into a celebration "cake" complete with a giant "A" on the top with icing. :-)

The long evil summer is almost over and hopefully work will become more bearable for everyone since the days aren't separated by endless weeks of no hockey.

Next Saturday, me and my little sister are taking our Predators lawn gnome on a "staycation" in Nashville. I'll post the pictures Sunday, it's going to be a blast. The main mission is to make it look like he's standing on top of the batman building, if not, we've still got tons of other locations he's going to go see.

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