Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Can I haz Studs back plz???? >:(

If you didn't know, the first word that pops up when you type "Suter" on T-9 is "Studs"... highly appropriate.

I've been left alone at work and haven't blogged since the season started and it's not much but while I'm sitting here all lonely, looking outside to the gray cold sky that I consider the perfect day, I figured I'd rant about him being out)

Sooo... according to the fishwrap, Suter will miss another week of games by not making the western coast trip with the team. *sob* I wish they would come out and say what's wrong so I'd stop getting my hopes up that he'll return sooner than later but I completely understand their reasoning. I mean, I'd probably go crazy fangirl on someone if they took a run at whatever was specifically wrong with him. I'm also not wanting him to rush back and try to play when he's not 100% but I REALLY wish he'd get better soon. Work has been frustrating and we play better with him and when we play better, we have a better shot at winning, and when we win, I forget about how crappy things have been.

Mr. Lombardi, the new boy that I love that has only played 3 games for us, is also still hurt. :'''( I'm more worried about him than Sutes. He's not doing anything, he's pretty much on bed rest, which is making me crazy nervous because you don't play around with concussions. At this point, I just want him to eventually be back to normal.

BTW, Cory Sarich, F YOU! Dirty hit or not, you proved during that game that you're a dirty player.

A: Someone who elbows people in the face.
Q: Who is Cory Sarich?


  1. Lol at T9, that's perfect!

    Lombardi's head makes me sad. I was so excited about him signing this summer :(

    I'm just going to go ahead and pretend Suter's return is imminent (power of positive thinking, fingers crossed) and ask if you think he'll eventually be reunited with Weber or would the defense be better if they kept them split up? It just seems like, if they had any intention of separating them, they might as well do it now since Shea's kind of adjusted to playing with Bouillon or whoever.

  2. I don't think so, the D has looked horrible recently. The problem with splitting them up is we don't really have another D man that I feel comfortable with eating the minutes that Suter/Weber do. We can't get the freaking puck out of the zone. Sutes is the best at that. Nobody else on D has the puck handling or skating ablility that he does. Klien is the next best but he's not even near as good as Suter with it.

    Plus, Suter makes Weber a better defenseman.

    I'm hoping for a return during the next game after the one against the Ducks (schedule's not in front of me).

    I miss him. :(