Monday, November 29, 2010

and I just keep going back for more...

Let's set the scene: I wake up really excited because it's game day. I take a shower, spend more time on my hair than I should, put on make up, go back and forth on what jersey/shirt/pants/shoes combination I should wear. I grab the (to this point) lucky hockey silly bands. Get in the car, jam to the lucky cd, and drive to my forever always happy place. I sit and watch warm ups, hopeful that it will end up being one of those games to remember. Wilson steals the puck away and beats Lundqvist, the crowd goes insane... Tootoo uses Avery as a human punching bag and again, the crowd goes wild. By the end of the first period, I'm a happy girl. Pins and needles and freaking out for the next 37 minutes and then the Preds give us a big old "Syke!", "We fooled you!" and we lose in a shoot out. I disappointingly drag myself downstairs to the after show and half ass clap for Belak while Willy and Tom seem far less upset than they should be and then freeze my ass off walking back over the bridge to my free parking.

That's been more or less every other game with a few changes like who scores or fights. I get so irritated and frustrated with this team but then I turn around and get excited for the next game. I'm so tired of being let down but would rather be let down than not have a team.

It also really sucks that we are selling out games and have started this season with a really good shot at having really good attendance all year but have to deal with stinkers on the ice.

I was/am so hopeful that this team was going to be a force and I think with all the parts working, we still are but injuries have just killed us this year. Not that that's any excuse but when Suter and Legwand and Goc were all still healthy, this team looked pretty damn good.

I'm not ready to give up on the season just yet but we have got to get something going and soon if we're going to have a shot. Suter and Weber need to return to form and I want to see the Erat that earned his outlandish contract on that ice. Trotz needs to let off of Dumont and just let him play and Sully needs to start scoring again. When everything is perfect, we're unstoppable, time to get perfect guys.


  1. It's just like the movie Groundhog Day!

  2. Has anyone said how many games the team has lost to injury collectively? I bet it's close to a zillion.

    (And the hockey gods owe Suter a congrats-you're-a-dad goal.)