Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Can we get some new sheets???

Because the Preds totally shit the bed last night and I got a great view of it from 3 rows back. That's the last time I pay extra to be close to the action at home.

What's done is done, we'll move on, hopefully to bounce back to the hard working, winning Predators against Detroit tomorrow.

In 2 weeks, I'll be in Columbus. :) Pretty excited since I didn't think a trip would be possible with buying the house but it's cheap enough and it should be a good time.

Anyways, I've been inspired by one of Aubrey's old meme's she used to do (not any of them specifically, just in the spirit). Don't ask what I've been smoking, I'm bored and currently have access to YouTube and decided to blog... whether it makes since or not.... So... My sister has recently moved in with me and has started going to games as my seat mate. The music we listen to together is far different than what we listen to separately (I'm a little country, she's a little punk), and I wanted to share some of our "get pumped for games music" that aren't your typical "Enter Sandman" or "Ladies and Gentleman". We're 80's babies that grew up on boy bands, Britney Spears, and very inappropriate rap music, we like what we like.

and if you take lyrics from each of them, I kind of envision a locker room speech scene similar to the one from Miracle...

"Tonight we're going hard, just like the world is ours, because we're stronger than yesterday and now it's nothing but our way... and if you don't believe you don't succeed and if you don't apply, you won't achieve and we're gonna shine..we're gonna make it, ain't nothing to it, we'll take it because on a 1-10, we're a certified 20. So raise your glass if you are wrong in all the right ways, all my underdogs, we will never be anything but loud and nitty gritty. So let's say a prayer, and let the good times roll"

... or maybe it's more like Space Jam or High School Musical...

Our top 6 songs, couldn't chose just 5 like I wanted to. :)

1. "Stronger"- Britney Spears

2. "Yeah!"- Usher

3. "Thnks Fr Th Mmrs"- Fall Out Boy

4. "I'mma Shine"- YoungBloodz

5. "We R Who We R"- Ke$ha

6. "Raise Your Glass"- P!nk


  1. On the 22nd? Cool! I thought about standing in line to try for some $10 tickets. There's an Ohio State basketball game that night so odds might be slightly better than usual. Unfortunately all my would-be hockey buddies are going to the basketball game :(

    Just an FYI, I don't know where you may end up eating/drinking while you're here, but there have been a handful of reports lately about drinks being drugged over on Park St. (Front St, which part of the intersection there at the arena, turns into Park St. a block north of Nationwide).

    P.S. Thanks for the memories even though they weren't that great. Lol, that describes almost every non-Preds hockey game I've seen since Christmas.

  2. We'll probably end up at one of the Arena District bars, I probably won't even drink, we're driving up and back the same night. I've never taken 5 hour energy but I'm sure. Let us know if you end up going to the game!

    If I had to chose, Thanks for the memories is the best driving song of the 6. You can hit 80 pretty quickly with that one. :)

  3. Ha ha, I'll bet you can! Might not want to mix that song with the 5 hour energy ;)

    I doubt that I'll be going to the game. Jackets games just aren't a lot of fun as a single fan. People don't talk to you much unless it's to be rude.

    I'll watch for you all on TV!