Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Being a Preds Fan 101

First Official Lesson: Who Sucks

Everyone. Everyone sucks. Wings suck. Ovechkin sucks. Pens suck. Crosby sucks. Gretzky sucks. Again, everyone sucks. One game at the Sommet and you'll get this very easily. (well, I guess in Aubrey's case, Crosby and the Pens don't suck but you get the idea. We don't care how "good" you are, you suck.)

Second Official Lesson: Who to Hate

Ay! Oh! Wings Blow!
We hate the Red Wings. It's just a fact. Kelsey loves Zetterdouche and Osgood the fairy and I love, love, LOVE me some Patrick Eaves but they are all hated when it counts. The hate has to do with how dominate they are and because we had so many "Pred Wing" fans in Nashville. It was the original favorite of tons of fans here and we've had a lot of transplants from Detroit to Middle TN with the auto industry moving here. It's been a long transition but we're finally filling the barn with more Preds jerseys than Wings on the nights we play them (this was even the case when I started watching hockey back in the beginning of 07). Our first trip to the playoffs included us being knocked out in the first round by Detroit and then a second exit in 2008. Last year we took the series 4-2 and we kicked their asses in an 8-0 win that was beyond epic. They can suck it.

*We do cheer for them to run the season when not playing us or the east as to eat as many points as possible to help us out, don't know if it'll work this year but it has in the past.

I hate the Sharks. The season I started watching the Preds was the second season we met them in the playoffs. It was the year we kicked ass all season, got Forsberg, and then choked. At least that's part of my memory. I was still learning the game but it didn't take much learning for me to know that the officiating was more than bull spit. It's never good for a playoff series to end with cokes and things being thrown onto the ice in an attempt to hit a ref. Bad memories.
They always seem to own us and even when we do win, it's because they played badly.... that's how it is for most of the season if you ask any other teams fans. My personal vendetta: Nabakov is a douche bag who has, on more than one occasion, thrown out the butt of his stick to clothesline Toots or hit him. I long for the day Jordin doesn't hold back and levels him. He'd be suspended but maybe, just maybe, the cheating f**ker will learn his lesson.

Dirty assholes. Their players are assholes. Their fans are assholes. Their freaky mascot is an asshole. Besides Chicago, I've only been taunted in one other arena that wasn't in good fun and it was GM Place. Taunted is being nice. Assaulted is more likely the word used. I was hit in the head with a flag for the entire third period of a game we were losing. Their players throw nasty hits and constantly leave their skates doing it. Burrows is a piece of trash and the Sedins are the most disgusting things I've ever seen.

Blow Jackets
The only thing they do good is suck. It's no coincidence their name is the BJ's (who does that!). Their fans seem to think there is a huge rivalry but there isn't. We own them. Even when we lose, we own them. Their coach has made open comments about our team, in specific Tootoo, and I'm pretty sure he called us Darth Vader*. They have Jared Boll (who I love but is besides the point), they have no room to talk about Jordin. The only thing good they have is Rick Nash who they lucked up on with their draft pick. The first time they made the playoffs was last year and they got swept. It was sweet because it reinforced the fact that they suck.
*The Columbus Dispatch

***I hate many more teams for various reasons including the Blueser but Kelsey might stab me if I talked about her "other" boys. I think even she would agree on this list. She's a dirty cheater when it comes to other teams... and I love everybody... pshh! lol


  1. Good, I already hated the Wings and the California Chokers. I can learn to hate the Canucks and there are plenty of reasons to hate the Jackets. Although it will be weird to want the Wings to win from a points perspective.

    Ha, ha the "rivalry" with the Preds! You don't know! They made it up! Somebody (media, front office) decided a rival would bring more fans to the arena. First they tried the Wild. The local news and the Dispatch started referring to them (out of the blue) as "our rivals to the north" and local hockey fans uttered a collective WTF? That didn't take and they switched to the Preds, "our rivals to the south." Unfortunately and inexplicably that stuck. The only rivalry that would have made sense to sell to new fans was Detroit. They're a divisional rival and we already hate Michigan. But they couldn't do that because the Jacket/Wing fans (they're here too) were the only ones buying tickets.

  2. The whole "wanting them to win" situation is only when it benefits us. Essentially, we want them to pound the crap out of all the other teams hovering around that last playoff spot so they don't gain points on us.