Monday, October 12, 2009

I just don't wanna talk about it.

Just an fyi, we sucked hard core tonight. Like, sucking to the point that we lost 6-1 to a team we've literally owned since 2005. The Titans have sucked hard core for the past 5 weeks, welcome to 0-5 Titan fans. The Twins tricked me into thinking a miracle was going to happen and then decided to allow stupid Jeter to rape them. Kasey Khane wrecked yesterday, fixed his car, came back out, and wrecked again... the first time he actually made the chase and he's throwing it away.

I vote that now that we've come full circle in the world of my sports teams sucking, the universe should be nice and allow me to enjoy the remainder of hockey season. I'll gladly sacrifice Kasey's chance at the cup and the Titans' chance at playoffs (bwahahahahahaha) for the Preds to not suck.

We're now 2-2. They better remove the firm grip they have, as well as removing their heads from their asses, before they set skate on the ice in Dallas. Hell, it might be nice for an entire team worth of players to actually show up on the ice.

Dear Wilson,
I really hope you're the second coming of Bobby Ryan. (I'd say someone better but as Preds fans we've learned to be content with less). If not, we're both going to have a long season.

Dear 303,
I know that they've not given us much to cheer for but you could at least try.

Dear FSN,
Thank you for loving Ryan Suter as much as me.

Dear Defense,
Stop sucking.

Dear Offense,
Score some fucking goals.

Dear Goalies,
Stop the damn puck.

Thank you.

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