Tuesday, October 6, 2009


I figured I'd warn anyone who gets upset at the sight (or words) of a female loving an athlete as to make the next couple of minutes or so less painful. Okay, click the X now if the above bothers you, though this isn't all about looks.

First of all, I love the Nashville Predators. Not just the team or the players while on the ice, all of them, all the time. It's like I have an elementary school crush on every last one of them. One of the reasons I'm a fanatic of this team is how down to earth and nice all of them are. Anyway, tonight was the annual season ticket holder's Meet the Team Party and I'm thankful to the powers that be that our fan base can handle this type of privilege without turning it into a zoo.

A gushing breakdown of my night.

  • Table One: We came in the backdoor of the arena and the first table had Suter, Hammer, and the Cube. I'm not gonna lie, I still get nervous when I get the chance to be around Suter or Toots. Those are the 2 guys that I honestly crush on like a nerdy girl crushing on the popular guy in junior high. I'd never say a word to either of them outside of hockey talk or something like that but it's still nerve wracking.We stood in line for all of 5 minutes. Macy got my bobblehead signed and I got the first 3 signatures on the Suter hockey stick I bought a couple months back. He looked good too. He always ends up wearing blue which is a good thing because he looks damn good in it. He asked about the bobblehead and then there was a slightly awkward conversation where I replay it and feel that I was rude even though mom says I didn't come off rude at all. Damn being a ball of nerves! After walking away, I was able to breath again... btw, totally just started singing the Taylor Swift line "Drew walks by me, can he tell that I can't breath?"
  • Table Two: Just across the concourse was the Smitty/Erat/Ellis table with a decently short line. I'll spare you my infatuation with Jerred Smithson. Originally Macy wanted me to walk through this one to get the stick signed but right as Smitty smiled and said hi, I was rudely interrupted by a tap on my shoulder. Son of a whore, really? Now!?! After turning to see what was up I was surprised by one of my 2 guy bffs from high school. The one I don't curse his name to this day. Macy went on to get the other two guys autographs while I tried to be nice to someone I hadn't spoken to in over 5 years. Now, apparently I'm not good at reading signals or something because I was later informed that my cute shirt that may or may not have been worn on purpose was enjoyed by this old bff too much. Mom says he checked me out at least 3 times in our short catch up to which I say this, you are now engaged and you turned me down to prom senior year as just a friend and you just picked the least opportune time to do nothing but say hey and stare at my boobs, I don't really want to be friendly right now.
  • Table Three: The next couple of tables we passed had extremely long lines so we made our way to the Tootoo/Goc line because mom loves Toots and according to her, that line was worth it. I'll agree. It didn't take too long. Jordin Tootoo has got to be one of the nicest people you will ever meet. Sure, he's a pest on the ice but I've never seen him turn a fan away, I've never seen him not talk to someone, and I've never seen him give any fan a reason to not like him. It's no wonder he's a fan favorite. Besides, he's sexy as hell. Everything about him screams sex appeal. I make a point to thank every player after they've signed something for me or taken a photo with me to show that I appreciate what they don't have to do but before I could get out the "thank you, so much" I had prepared he thanked us for coming out and told us to have a wonderful night. Really? You're thanking us? I heart him. I didn't know what to say. This goes back to the whole "jr high crush" thing from table one. So I just smiled and said thank you like an idiot. Story of my life.
  • Table Four: After a quick stop in the proshop we decided to just follow the flow of the arena to whatever line was next. It ended up being the table with Leggy, Belak, and Guite. While waiting in line, mom thought it would be the perfect time to dare me to ask the next single player for a hug. NEVER GONNA HAPPEN! This table had no nerves and went fairly quickly. I love Legwand. He's so laid back and is that normal guy that you could just hang with. and he's totally adorable. At first I didn't care much about seeing Guite but about 10 people back I changed my mind. Holy cow, he is good looking. Think a slight resemblance to Patrick Marleau. His eyelashes were insane and the salt and pepper hair suit him nicely. :-) Mom agrees. Macy was pretty excited about seeing Belak, I think she likes his hair.
  • Table Five: Next table up was supposed to be Hornqvist, Jonesy, and JP but unfortunately JP was still "resting" from that nasty douchebaggery hit from Stephanie Rodibas. eat shit and die assclown! Mom and Macy decided that now was the best time to take their free coke and pizza break while I stood in line. This should probably be italicized but I don't care, I freaking love Hornqvist. That lispy blonde Swede stole my heart tonight. He was the first and only player that seemed to try to talk to everyone and his accent is literally to die for. I've always liked the guy and the way he talks makes me melt. Add in his arms and shoulders plus his ass in those pants and you've got a winning combination. I laugh because mom walked by and said, "I just saw Hornqvist and see why you like him, he has the face you like" the face I like? Her further explaination was "you know, that good ole American boy look" Knowing full and well he's Swedish. I told my mom I loved her for that. She does know me too well. It should be noted that Jonesey has a wonderful tattoo on his arm and the group of girls in front of me made me seem normal in comparison. Their 4-5 pictures also gave me the time needed to completely fall for Hornqvist from a fangirly stand point.
  • Table Six: From there we could see the Arnott line and it was absolutely insane and I really wanted to get Colin Wilson's autograph since I didn't have it so we high tailed it to the Pekka, Wilson, Klein table. The line was about as long but was totally worth it. Mom had attempted to go save a place in line for the Arny table when we were about halfway through this one but the evil nazi lady told her it was closed. I just have to say, Kevin Klein is one of the nicest guys I've ever have the pleasure of meeting. He's fantastic with kids and it is so unexpected if you've never talked to him before. Macy wanted to get the stick signed this time so I left her to it. He was totally engaging. KK asked her who's stick it was, kind of poking fun at my expense, and before her answering he followed up with "Suter's?" Quickly, Wilson looks over and says "yep". Outside of Toots and Suter, none of the other players said anything but the generic responses to her. She loved it and replayed the small conversation over and over on the way to the car and back to Nick and Dad when she got home. KK won a place in her heart and mine tonight. Also, Pekka is hot.
  • Table Seven: After nazi lady told mom the line was closed we headed back to the proshop to get nick a poster. I had promised Mace that we'd walk by Arny's table and snap pics for her and that I'd take her to a radio show or something for her to see him again. As we were walking to the back door, after I stopped to take a pic of Hornqvist too, I noticed nazi lady wasn't there. I told Macy to run get in line fast and SUCCESS! Not 2 people later, the nazi lady came back but we were already in line. Santorelli is adorable and you just wanna hug him and el capitano really is mucho sexy. I mean, hot damn. I'm so excited Macy got to see her man tonight.

So I'm thinking that 7 out of 8 tables wasn't bad. We need 4 more names on the stick but that's doable. I gushed all through dinner about how much I adore these guys. I try to be cool, calm, and collected but being the spazoid I am, I can't pull it off very long which is evident by this blog. Currently working on somehow getting pictures off my phone. Will update if successful.
Blurry but still nice pictures. :)
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  1. I am super jealous that:
    1) You were at this awesome event
    2) Your vocal chords function in the presence of hockey players

    Very exciting! (And good for you for outsmarting the line nazi)

  2. Believe me, I get so nervous just to say thank you. lol

    I'm almost embarrassed by how much of a spaz I am.