Tuesday, September 22, 2009

In case you missed it...

a few things happened in Pred-land since I last wrote to Petr Sykora.

  1. There was a drawn out bidding war between us and Toronto for Phil Kessel where we kinda, sorta, almost got him. Seriously, it occupied at least a week of my "wasting time on the internet" time. In the end, we didn't win Kessel but for the $$$ they tossed at him, I think we won in that situation. Apparently, Boston wanted Wilson. Thank goodness Poile knows that Wilson is going to be a total BAMF and told them no-can-do. For me though, it did solidify that we're commited to not sucking and that contact and offers are being made. Unfortunately, (like the Brandy song tells us) almost doesn't count.
  2. The Wild signed Petr. This means we do not love him always. Quite the opposite, actually. I hope he loses and feels extra shame doing so since he'll be dressed up like an elf.
  3. We signed (but now, as of this morning, it's only a PTO) Francis Bouillon. A vet D-man. Some fans are against this but I'm all for it. Hell, I was all for it when they were talking about signing Chelios or even bringing back deVries at a smaller contract. I would have been scared sh*tless if we had opened the season with a 3rd pairing of rookies with no plan B. At least now we have the option to ice a green blueline if we feel comfortable and throw in a vet if we don't.
  4. Edited to get us back on track...
  5. Our team seems to be working as a team. Good job, Sully! We're going to be up against some pretty stacked teams this year. My hope is they don't mesh well. That's what I've got to hold onto at this point. That and the hope that Santorelli kicks it into gear with Leggy and Erat and that Wilson defies the system and impresses with his BAMF-ness making it impossible for him to stay in the minors long (if at all).

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