Wednesday, October 21, 2009


Ok, enough is enough. Our losing streak stops at six! I'm tired of losing and, at this point, I'm tired of trying to find the silver lining in our loses. We could have won that game. We should have won that game. I thought I'd be okay with it since we played seemingly well but I'm not. Stop losing.

Oh and our power play wouldn't be able to score on a naked, passed out, hooker on Dickerson Pk.

~Colin Wilson scores his first NHL goal ever.
~Oh Cody scores his first NHL point ever.
~Not Fiddler didn't make us lose.... though he is still not Fiddler.
~David Legwand's spirit returned to his body after a massive hiatus in nowhereland.

That's all I'm gonna point out. This game wasn't that bad. We didn't get raped and that's a good thing but sooner than later, not getting raped isn't really an achievement.

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  1. I don't know whether to applaud your writing..........or sink into the couch in despair....Wendy