Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Just a quick check in (hopefully)

I've not fallen off the face of the planet, just thought I'd make that clear. My superstition won't let me post after a win because I would totally hold myself responsible if we lost... kind of like how I sat lower bowl instead of in my seats and then we lost and for that I'm really, REALLY sorry. It's also kind of tough because work has blocked all the fun internet sites and I've gotten out of the habit of sitting on the web when I do spend time at home.

So our pretty 7 game winning streak ended against the Bluesers Friday *sorrysob* and then we won again *yay* and then we were shut out in a depressing game against the Flamers last night. *doublesob* Tomorrow we play the Wild and then off to back-to-back games against Chicago and then the Wild again. I don't know how the guys do it, I'm tired and I just watch the games!

In that stretch, we beat 3 division rivals (STL, DET, & CLB), the best in the west (SJS) and the beast of the east (NJD) along with the Habs and the Avs. The Sommet Center Nashville Arena(?) was rocking the entire time and it was fun to be around. Every goal was a celebration, every hit was a cause to cheer or curse (depending which team did the hitting), every impossible save was something to literally say "WOW!" over. I hope that tomorrow starts a new streak that lasts longer than 1, 2, 3, ... games. I really need this season with everything that's changed for me recently, it's my one common thread that's keeping life together.

Guess who's favorite player didn't score a single goal during the awesome stretch? Yeah. I am totally a Preds fan first but it gets really old cheering for everyone else when deep in your heart you want to have a reason to cheer for a specific person. It doesn't have to be pretty or a power play goal or a shortie or the game winner or anything special to anyone else but I would like to be the one to kangaroo dance for once this season. :( It'll happen tomorrow because they're on the road and then he won't score again until they're on the road again because I'm me. (though, hopefully it'll be when we're in STL, CHI, or CLB in less than a month!)

The Preds also played their first 2 games in their new 3rd jerseys and they look really nice. So far we're 1-1 with them on... hopefully they'll catch the mojo that the old mustards had and they'll never want to take them off.

Team USA will announce their roster in exactly a month. ♥ ♥ ♥ *fingers crossed*

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  1. At least your superstitions give me something to look forward to if the Preds lose. Not that I hope to hear from you too frequently ;)

    With all the injuries this season and guys playing surprisingly well (or badly), Team USA's roster should be interesting. (And I will not jinx it by discussing it any further!)