Monday, January 11, 2010

Having to keep your composure sucks...

While I'm sitting here, eating the first meal of many of the chicken pot pie I made for dinner, I figured I'd write something. Chicken pot pie may cost more than rice but I'm getting 5 meals out of it easily. Ordering my jersey Friday...

Today Team USA announced their captain and alternates. Ryan Suter was named as one of those said alternates. Squee much? Sadly, at work, I couldn't. I'm pretty sure I told everyone I talked to from 2:00pm on but it's not the same as the kangaroo dance that I was doing all day inside. I cranked our tv loudly and cooked and danced around alone to make up for it. Have I mentioned that I'm excited about this? btw, I thought this interview was awesome.

Tonight the puck doesn't drop until 9:30. Besides hating Vancouver for pretty much everything associated with the team, I hate the city for being so far west. I need sleep. I pray that they make my exhaustion worth it.

Our post Christmas/pre New Years trip was amazing. 3 out of the 4 games we went to ended with the good guys getting the win. I don't have the patience to type out a long recap right now.

Things of possible interest....

Drunk Chicago fans like to call you a bitch and flip you off when they score, Blues fans don't take kindly to "Let's Go Predators" chants after they've lost yet another home game, Wisconsin is pretty much the best place in the entire world, and it's even more fun to beat the Blow Jackets in the last 7 minutes in their own barn... especially when they think they've got you beat the whole game just to watch it get ripped away from them. The ride up to Chicago is boring but doable. The route our GPS took us through the back roads of Wisconsin to STL were pretty for a Sunday drive with nowhere to be, not so much when we had a game to get to. The drive from STL to CLB was the worst of the trip. It's difficult to find words to speak when you unexpectedly get on an elevator with David Legwand (though, for the record, being him was probably the least awkward of everyone it could have been). Don't talk to people at a bar if you don't want them to buy you drinks. Don't say embarrassingly crazy things when you end up talking to the bar people anyway... especially when that person has already told you that he writes for a paper in Tennessee. Apologize to your friends a lot when you wake up where you're supposed to be after not remembering how you got there.


  1. I'm pretty sure I told everyone I talked to from 2:00pm on

    It's weird how people never seem to understand how important stuff like this is.

    That interview was great. I cracked up when I got to the part where he wants to stay with Shea forever.

  2. I can't stand the Blow Jackets.