Wednesday, January 6, 2010


Imagine that the all caps title represents me being freaking STOKED! I don't know if stoked is the right word or not... excited beyond belief? so encompassed with fangirl-y joy? omg! it actually happened?

I found out in the car after listening to the Winter Classic while driving/riding through Kentucky for what seemed like a billion hours. Getting the news in the car only brought about a sigh of relief... I didn't get a feel for how excited I was until I got to my parents house to watch the unveiling on tivo. I'm sure it sounded like a mixture of *squee*awe*yay!!* I didn't even yell at the tv for getting his name wrong until I backed it up a second time. (By the way, it's SuTer. With one "T". Not SuTTer. I get how the Boston announcer guy could be mistaken. There's hundreds of that other name in hockey and it makes since that they would make Olympic teams and such but wrong hockey family this time amigo.)

The way they announced the team was so adorable. They almost had me wanting a little hockey playing baby! (almost) I would have liked a little more background on the players, and the suspense wasn't quite the way it was with Team Canada's 51 Hour Variety Special that was on NHL Network, but it fit. It fit how not flashy our team is going to be and it certainly fit how young we're going to be.
I got chills and wiped away at least one tear when Timmy Thomas skated out in his USA jersey. Can you imagine being Tim Thomas that day? Find out you're going to be apart of the Olympics, win the Winter Classic, and then be the sole player to skate out in full uniform during the unveiling? Awesome sauce. I'm really excited about the majority of the other players on the team too. My love for the notpred David Backes was rewarded, along with my love for Bobby Ryan and Ryan Malone and Ryan Miller. Look at all those Ryans! *sigh* As much as I tell them they suck when they play the Preds, I really do like these guys on the nights they play any of the other 29 teams.

Back to Sutes. He was everywhere after the announcement. Radio spots, SportsExtra interview, articles in the paper, articles online, podcasts. Everywhere. I really wish that more people would focus on him as a player instead of him as the son/nephew of Suter. At this point in time, he's the best defender named to the team. That's not just my bias typing, it's a true and fair assessment. I realize that not everyone knows his family legacy with the sport but for me it's getting pretty worn out and I can only imagine how tired he gets of being asked about it.

I've started limiting myself to the absolute essentials. I need to save as much not bill money as possible to afford that jersey. I tried telling myself I don't want it but it's no use. I've looked forward to the day I finally had an excuse to buy one for the past 3 years. It may be "that girl", I may not need it, and I may have to decide between eating food that isn't rice or the jersey but I'll end up choosing the jersey. It's a non-issue as far as I'm concerned. Yay rice!

If work isn't busy tomorrow and the big bosses aren't lurking, I'll try to write something about that little roadtrip we took just before New Year's. Having new owners doesn't make that likely though. Here's hoping I don't have another opportunity to write for awhile!


  1. At this point in time, he's the best defender named to the team.

    Tiny typo there. I think you must mean "best defender not named Orpik named to the team" ;)

    Do you think he and Weber will make an Olympic bet like their WJC one?

  2. Ha! Well, we're all entitled to our own opinions. lol

    It's possible but I doubt it, it may inch its way to the superstitious side for them.

    I love how it's always USA v Canada with them. Back when the big soccer thing (sorry, at work, don't know what it's called, can't look it up) was happening they had video of the locker room and Suter trying to recruit the Euros to cheer for USA.